Charlotte föddes i dag för 201 år sedan

Texten från The Brontë Society. Akvarellen har Charlotte själv målat.

201 years ago Charlotte Brontë was born. Mary Taylor writes to Mrs Gaskell in 1856, remembering Charlotte from their time together in Roe Head.
‘We thought her very ignorant, for she had never learnt grammar at all, and very little geography… She would confound us by knowing things that were out of range altogether. She was acquainted with most of the short pieces of poetry that we had to learn by heart: would tell us the authors, the poems they were taken from, and sometimes repeat a page or two, and tell us the plot… She used to draw much better, and more quickly, than anything we had seen before, and knew much about celebrated pictures and painters. Whenever an opportunity offered of examining a picture or cut of any kind, she went over it piecemeal, with her eyes close to the paper, looking so long that we used to ask her ‘what she saw in it.’ She could always see plenty, and explained it very well. She made poetry and drawing at least exceedingly interesting to me; and then I got the habit, which I have yet, of referring mentally to her opinion on all matters of that kind..